Groom’s Father Speech First Reaction

Oh my!  Your son comes home and says, “Dad, I am getting married.”

What is your first reaction?  Many things are going through your head.  You see a tiny little baby boy through the window of the nursery at the hospital, this tiny little boy that you are responsible for.  You are thinking:  “What can I say in my father of the groom speech when his wedding day comes? How can I raise my son to be a great boyfriend, husband and father”? Download 25 Speech Examples for the Father of the Groom Wedding Speeches

Although the father of the groom has no real responsibilities to prepare for the wedding, his wife will have plenty to do.  She must make sure they have the right clothes to wear.  It may take months for her to find the perfect dress.  There are parties to attend and parties to host.  While she is frantically taking her responsibilities seriously, the groom’s father is working out his speech.  He is wondering how much embarrassing information he can reveal about his son without getting in too much trouble.

The groom’s father wedding speech should be filled with upbeat stories and happy thoughts for the young couple. A wedding is a time for happiness.  Help to start it off by reducing some of the tension and stress associated with a wedding.  You can bring some comedy into your father of the groom speech, but you also need to add some serious thoughts but not too serious, as you don’t want to scare anyone.  Remember that this is a joyous occasion. More

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