Father of the Groom Speech Ideas

father of the groom speechThe father of the groom speech is a customary traditional rule, where the father of the groom speaks out his emotions and bliss on the wedding day of his son. It is important that you scrutinies all the words and statements. They really matter a lot on such an auspicious occasion. You must make sure that whatever you say does not let down anybody’s expectations or causes trouble for anyone. Download 25 Speech Examples

The speech is supposed to be very well structured and inspirational. It should be motivational and must carry pieces of advice for the newly married couple. You should plan the contents of the speech long before the wedding occasion. Firstly plan out all the things which you want to mention in your speech, the good things about your son’s past and his childhood, the lessons he has learnt from life and what has turned him into a better man. The best things in life do not come for free, so you should mention all the hard work and effort he has put in throughout to grow into a charitable young man and the ways he has been nurtured over all these years. The father of the groom speech should throw light on the brief character sketch of the groom and how he fits perfectly to be the husband of his lovely bride.

The groom’s father wedding speech should be an anecdote of love and praise for the newly married couple. The speech should welcome the guests warmly and with deepest compliments. You should thank the guests for being members of the celebration and witnessing the newlyweds exchange their vows and see how they are united for eternity. Throw light on the fact how you have bonded to your son over the past years and how sometimes you were in situations where you had to learn from him. Assure the groom that the bride is in safe hands and shall always be happy with him. Tell everyone through the father of the groom wedding speech that your son and his wife are blessed by God and that they will definitely live happily forever.

The bride’s family is now a part of your family too. So, you must make them feel warm and welcomed. They should be mentioned and taken into consideration throughout the celebration. A good speech can thrill people and leave them awestruck. Leave them spellbound with the integrity of your speech. The nature of your speech must always have a positive note and you should not mention many unpleasant things from your son’s past that can cause embarrassment for him in front of so many people. The father of the groom speech must highlight the fact that your son has been eagerly waiting for this day and that it gives you great pleasure to see him happy and satisfied.

The wedding speech must be delivered only after rehearsing it for a good number of times. The words you choose should be carefully done and in a contemplated mood. Do not mention about unnecessary details or beat about the bush. You can simply be straightforward, adding essential dotes of humour and joviality. Try to make the speech appealing to the audience. They should not get bored listening to your speech. Remember when you write the speech, that you should try to be short and crisp. You should not make the speech too lengthy or too short. Speaking for about three to four minutes is good and can leave a good impression on the guests.

There will be many members of your family who shall be seeing the bride for the first time. Remember that whatever you say, it shall give them a brief idea about the bride. So be careful that you do not say anything negative about the bride. The groom’s father speech must always stick to the positive note and abstract the insignificant details.

The father of the groom speech has to have a good presentation. When you speak in front of the mike, make sure people can hear you clearly. Be focused on what you have to say. In case you have learnt the speech word for word, you start off without having to think over again. In case you are not good at learning or mugging up speeches, you can refer to a paper for reference. The paper should be neat and look presentable. While you deliver the wedding speech make eye contact with the audience. You should not tighten up yourself. You need to relax and speak confidently. You are not asked to speak in a debate competition so you can cut out on all the nerves.

In case you are not good at framing The father of the groom speeches, you can refer to many websites which provide free information on how to write these speeches. They are easy to comprehend and are very user friendly. You can even purchase few books online or directly from the store. You should go through these books and understand the clear format and indentation of speech, where you must pause, where you must use rhetorical questions, in what tone you should refer to the people, how you should extend your courtesy to the family of the bride.

You must end the speech with a toast to the newly married couple. You may be direct or be creative in proposing the toast. It should not sound absurd or be in any other way “weird”. You should make The father of the groom speech as appealing and pleasing to the guests as possible. You can practise the speech in front of your friends or other family members and ask them to make the necessary corrections. Using the correct body language is a must. You should keep in mind that The speech is a once in a lifetime occasion at your son’s wedding. It has no re-take. You have to be careful and give the best shot with the very first go.

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