Father of the Groom Speech Preparations

One of the keys for writing any speech and then delivering it is the engine that will define your motivation. In the cases when you were a part of someone’s family and you’ve been asked to speak at his or her weeding, then your reasons are quite obvious. For instance, if you are the father of the groom then all your ideas related to the speech will be linked with your son’s life and his bride, the woman of his dreams.

Without making someone feel embarrassed you’ll find out soon enough that a few words will point towards the guests, your family members and the bride’s parents and these words will make their day and won’t ruin your father of the groom speech. Find 25 Speech Wedding Speech Examples

Another important factor, when you have to deal with writing and then delivering the speech, consists in your personality. Each great author and writer has a mark that is imprinted in his writings like a trait that describes him in real life. For example, if you are a person of adventure it is possible that your books or writings will point in this direction. Or in case you like to joke about the things and situations then you’ll probably add more humour in describing a story.

The same thing goes with speeches as well. Being a wedding you don’t have to be all formal, you can start with some introduction line that will welcome all the guests who made time to come at your son’s wedding. You can as well add a short thanking note to the parents of the bride since they are the ones that begin this line of holding a speech.

You can add some thanks towards their time, energy and involvement in this event. Then if the mother of the bride won’t have anything to say after the father of the bride (the one who generally opens the whole speech ceremony), then you’re next. Click Here to Download More Speech Examples

Don’t forget to smile while you are addressing your message to the audience, be detached and the most important of all be yourself. People are not really interested in a person who pretends to be someone else. But they will easily appreciate your involvement and your honest desire to know how much your son means to you. The key to a successful father of the groom speech is about being honest with yourself in the first place, with your son and his decision.

If you are not a man that can express his feelings easily or if you are not a man of feelings, then some short words that come from your heart will be enough for your message to be transmitted and received. The cases are numerous: maybe you are a shy person, or a person that can’t choose or find his words, or maybe this is your first time in front of an audience. The essence of wedding speeches is not to lose yourself and convince yourself – before you start performing – that you can do it.

Your attitude is very important, so be confident and persuasive and don’t forget that everyone has his moments of weakness, fear, overwhelming emotions – the answer lies in your perception of solving things. You have to be the owner of your own emotions, to learn to control them even if this doesn’t seem so easy to learn, practice will give you this opportunity.

For instance after you’ve written your speech, you made sure that through your lines you weren’t too pushy or too boring or there is no chance of hurting someone else’s feelings, then you can start by seeing how skilled you are in the line of performing a speech.

What you’ll need to be a good speaker is based on your confidence in getting the job done. For example, if you are lacking some communicational skills here is your chance to improve those that you already have, assuming that you have them or if not then here is your opportunity to develop some.

Ask some friends or some of the family members to assist you in your performance. All you need them to do is to take a seat in the living day couch and listen while you perform. This will be a good exercise to make you get accustomed with speaking in front of others. This will lead you to another level of acknowledgement that is linked with the motivation of being able to look the audience in the eye with no fear and say what you have to say.

This exercise will make you confident on the words that are written in your message and at a certain point you’ll start living them. This is the moment when you already transmitting feelings and emotions when what you’ve written has become a reality for you and you’ll now make it a reality for those that listen to you.

Practice will also open your eyes to observe the reaction of those that listen to you and the aim is to create an emotional bond with them. People like to hear original and yet creative things, or stories that made them relate to, they will even find themselves in yours or they will find moments of spending with their children. They might even discover again the miracle and joy of unique moments such as a wedding – your son’s wedding.

Another way that will make you improve your performance is you standing in front of a mirror. A mirror is always like a reflection of yourself, it will show everything that you have and maybe you haven’t noticed so far. So don’t hesitate to use one. It might seem awkward at first but will help you establish a basic line of your groom’s father speech. For example, you’ll find out while you perform that the position of your body transmits the same thing as the words that are written in the message. You’ll see how quickly you’ll change the style of your performance into one that is suitable for this event.

Or, without noticing before, you’ll see if you were using too many verbal or facial tics. Or if you were too nervous and too concentrated on what you had to say, you started to stare at one person without acknowledging that you were doing so.

You’ll develop as well a proper tone for this occasion, you’ll know and you’ll feel the right time to pause between sentences and your gesticulation will be controlled. You’ll learn to avoid the excess of holding your hands too much in the air and much more near your body as well. You will also find out that your body has its own language that has to be compatible with the one of your father of the groom wedding speech.

Asking for the opinions of those who already were in your shoes will help you not only to follow their advices, but it will make you a great speaker. For example, if you are too nervous and in order to calm down you start unbuttoning your coat, people will notice that you are not so accustomed with speaking in front of an audience.

As for your speech, try to take only a sketch of it with you, where you’ve added the main topics. If for instance you haven’t had time to read it more than twice, make sure that your eyes will choose to look more at the newlyweds and the guests then at the paper that you are holding. Even if you have emotions, don’t try to make them disappear with some glasses of drink.

If you exaggerate, you might say the words that you’ll regret later since at weddings it is accustomed that the entire event is videotaped. I’m sure that you want your memory as a father to be intact, as well as the speech itself.

A great speaker knows when it is time to end his speech. If people are becoming bored or tired to listen to speeches, then it is your time to make a difference. Keep it short but funny at the same time. A speech that is too formal might ruin the atmosphere of the wedding, people usually came to a wedding to share the day with the couple and to be happy, not to mention to celebrate and party.

Keeping the speech in the time frame of four minutes will give you the advantage of having the people present to may want to hear you speak more. What is important to notice and to take into account is the first ten seconds when people are starting to know you, to get accustomed with you. These are the seconds where all the stage is yours and their eyes are concentrated on you, the chance is all yours to make them be present with their hearts and minds at your father of the groom speech.

You got their attention, so now it’s time to prove them that it wasn’t a waste of their time. Be creative and supportive. Parents like to show off with their children and you can do the same by expressing how proud you are of what your son has become. Don’t forget to add his bride as well, the woman that conquered his heart. A few words that will compliment her will make their day, saying things about the newlyweds and their relation how you saw it influenced their life in better will definitely show that you care and that you’ve noticed the changes.

Avoid being too melodramatic or to use too many jokes in your speech. Not all of them will be tasted by the guests and not all of them will seem to be funny. People vary in tastes and preferences, the important thing that you have to share with them is that you are a parent and many of them that came at this wedding are parents too and they have children as well.

As a father and as a married man, you have your wedding experiences as well, your advices and your best wishes at the end of the speech will make the difference and they will turn out to be a valuable memory treasure that will help the groom and his bride with this new beginning.

Don’t forget about the toast and since you are representing your family as well, make it count. You can say something like for your son and his bride or for new beginnings. A wedding is a reason of joy and happy moments, moments that last a lifetime and that are written in the hearts of those present at the wedding. You can choose to write something simple but significant for your family and for the couple that just got married.

Don’t choose complicated words that you might forget, words have power when they come from your heart and since you are a parent your son deserves the best. You don’t have to be a famous author, you just have to find those moments that made the difference in your lives and add them up as short stories. Forget those elaborated details that lose you at some point – what matters is following the topic that you have in your speech. Speaking for too long and concentrating yourself only on a memory with your son and ignoring the rest might make you to start rambling, forget the bride and the guests not to mention the lines in your speech.

The father of the groom speech should be a speech of gratitude and proudness towards your son and his achievements and the fact that he finally found someone to share his life with, someone that transformed him into a new but better person. Being calm, natural and relaxed will get you out of any unexpected situations and you’ll be able to finish what you’ve started without too much trouble. Who knows, maybe you’ll like this experience of speaking in front of an audience so much that you won’t have second thoughts when you’ll be asked to repeat it.

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