Father of the Groom Speech Success

Being successful with any father of the groom speech depends on many aspects. In this article, we are talking about some of the most special details. These are details you might not even be aware of, or maybe you knew and ignored their importance. Needless to say, the better you understand how important these are, the more you will begin to be successful in the art of writing and telling your groom’s father wedding speech.

Preliminary stress control

You need to make sure, way before the wedding even occurs, that you can control the amount of stress surrounding you. This can’t be done easily, I agree. Still, with the right amount of patience and attention it is not hard at all to achieve a level at which you can clearly and honestly affirm: I am not stressed today. Click Here for 25 Groom’s Father Speech Examples

Do I say big words or do I make complicated things sound too easy? Well, let’s see how complicated or easy it is. Stress will always be caused by things you feel like pressuring you, things that are not fully in your control or things you weren’t even expecting and then you ended up being in the middle of some situations you never even asked for. To combat stress it is all a matter of personal choice. If you think about problems and not about solutions, then your level of stress will continue to grow and you will be even more stressed every day, as you continue living your life. Of course, unfortunately, the more you face stress the harder it is with the father of the groom speech.

Stress control also means perfect time management. You need to revise your agenda and make sure everything is in order. Go by priorities, always. You should never take some things first that you know about being cool later too. The things that are needed today or tomorrow – you must always begin with those, even if you don’t like the idea. Why? If you do it any other way around, you find yourself trapped in situations when you are out of control and someone is asking for their part, because you promised something or you were entrusted to complete something that you didn’t. it is quite unpleasant, especially because you must take care of it more urgently and the lack of free time and relaxation might make you fail in doing so.

To manage your time, it is great to make sure you have a daily to do list of all the tasks you have. Even if you only have 3 items today, and then 46 items tomorrow, you need a list for both days, separately. Also, whenever it is possible and then you know about a future day coming with too many things on the list, you can reorganize things. Of course, in the example I gave, you can complete some items from tomorrow’s list only after today’s list was all checked and complete. If you just overload today and maybe you can’t even finish, you just ruined 2 lists with one hit. Find 25 Speech Wedding Speech Examples

Time management as how long the speech is going to be

If you make a speech too long, especially when it comes to the father of the groom speech, then you will have a really hard time to make it good. The reason for this is because the guests and the family members are going to feel really bored, and then they won’t even care about your speech. The worst feeling in those cases is that you will observe people’s faces and attitudes while in the middle of the speech and you will probably have no idea how to make your speech shorter and make sure it makes sense for you too or for the 2-3 people who were listening. It’s all embarrassing, unpleasant, and stressful.

If you can keep your father of the groom speech anywhere between 2 minutes and 5 minutes, it’s the most perfect timing. Why do I say that even 2 minutes would do? Isn’t that too short for a speech? Truth being said: it is fine, it is perfect. If you speak for only 2 minutes and your words are just amazing, then it’s cool because people have been looking forward to hearing your words. People won’t necessarily desire to hear someone for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. No, people just want simple and touching things, they don’t need long ceremonies. Still, when your speech was prepared in an amazing way, conceived to be 5 minutes long, it can be perfect as well. How come? Perfection comes because you were prepared to speak for that amount of time and that doesn’t mean you are going to be boring or whatever. It just means you have more things to say and people won’t mind!

Controlling your mimic

The mimic of your face is so important. If you give the wrong looks, if you seem bored, if you seem to be out of control or in maximum stress, you will have a really hard time with everything. The thing is that everyone can find out what you are thinking by simply analyzing the way you look at them, the way your mimic is exposed.

It’s many times all about gestures. The wrong gestures will unavoidably lead to the wrong ideas in people’s minds. The worst is that they will probably never tell you directly: “I didn’t enjoy this”. They will keep on being polite and then as soon as they left home, they will start gossiping, sharing opinions about how wrong you were and many other unpleasant things.

Where your eyes look, be careful

With your eyes, you can make things right or wrong. If you just see a person and keep looking at them, they will assume you have something against, or they will assume you are so nervous that you couldn’t even find anyone else to look at.

It is also not a good decision if you keep looking at an object, down on the floor or up on the ceiling, fixed with your eyes on something. People will find you are creepy and they won’t understand what you want to say or do, even if your speech text is great. In other words, you might have prepared the best father of the groom speech your guests ever heard, and still due to the wrong looks, they will miss it because everyone is going to be focused on the way you are looking at them, on the way you are relating to them and other similar aspects.

How to use your eyes while holding the speech then? The best way is that you never fix your looks on anyone, neither on objects. It’s also not the best thing that if you have 200 people attending, you begin looking at each and every one of them and then you confuse your own brain because you can’t even remember who you’ve already looked at and who you’ve omitted. A golden path is available, which is good to be used: you can look around, in a calm and relaxed way, such that there is no panic involved but it also seems like you are doing it naturally. As soon as people see that, it’s okay to keep going and to hold your speech as you were prepared to.

Clothes do matter and don’t underestimate this aspect

Too many fathers have thought that they can wear just about any suit to their sons’ weddings. This is so wrong! I mean, think about it: what if the suit you put on has something so creepy that it looks like you are attending a funeral? Wouldn’t people assume you have some problems or you are so sad, just because they see you wearing that creepy piece of clothing?

Actually, you need to be careful. While you might have your own style in suits and ties, you should better go out and find some stores, and then make sure that you have asked about latest ideas, latest trends and things people could recommend you to do. It’s good if you take things that way, because then you will be exposed to new ideas, new methods of wearing certain things.

Also, it is not the best idea to spend the minimum amount of money on your suit, just because you say “any suit is fine”. It’s just so wrong to think that way! First of all, it’s your son’s wedding and secondly you will have your own father of the groom speech. If you didn’t have a speech – I could’ve told you it’s different. But since you do, you can’t be ignorant and you should watch out for how you select your suit and tie as well.

Hairstyles – what about this event?

Hairstyles for men are very important. Just taking any man, and having him wear his hair in a way or another might make him look like a doctor, a lawyer, a guardian, an officer, a poor man or anything else. Hairstyles do impact the way people look. Yes, it might feel like a bit of shock, but you will be shocked to see some people with different hairstyles. Where to find them? The same actor or actress, playing in different roles, both positive and negative. Notice the different hairstyles. Makes a difference? Definitely does!

Hairstyles not only that have to be carefully selected, but you need to make sure it gives you plus points and not negative ones, meaning that it suits the clothes, the shoes and your face as well. For some men different hairstyles won’t even work, while for other men the same hairstyles would make him look handsome and attractive. So, be careful and choose according to the nice look you want to have on the big day!

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