Get over Your Fear of Speaking in Public During the Groom’s Father Speech

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a fear of speaking in public but it can cause a bit of a problem if you have to give a father of the groom speech. You want to be able to stand up there, speak from the heart, and give your son and daughter-in-law great memories when they look back on their wedding day. You do not want them to look back and remember a father who stuttered over his speech. If you know that you do have a fear of speaking in public or just do not like speaking in public then you need to find ways to make it easier for you to give your father of the day speech the way you want to do it.

Do not worry, you are not the only one who has that problem. Speaking comfortably in public is a skill. It is like learning how to play any type of new musical instrument or learning to ride a bicycle because anyone can learn to do it. All you need is practice and good direction and soon speaking in public will come easy and naturally. Unfortunately if people concentrate on their fears of having an embarrassing incident or not having any experience of speaking in public they will not be able to learn the skills needed to speak in public comfortably. Find Here More Speech Examples

To help you learn how to feel comfortable standing up and delivering your groom’s father wedding speech here is how you can do this.

Phase 1 – preparing the groom’s father speech

The first thing that you need to do before you even begin to try and write your speech you need to be certain that you read some great samples of father of groom speeches along with wedding toasts. Yes, the toast is the last part of the father of the groom speech where you end your speech and let the next one give their speech. While reading the different examples of father of the groom speech do not forget to jot down parts that you like and might want to incorporate in your speech. You can even jot down parts to give you ideas of how to write yours. Make sure that whatever samples you look at contain stories and information that everyone can easily connect with. Make sure that the examples of groom’s father speeches that you like have a good mixture of emotions, humor, and meaning.

Phase 2 – during the wedding

After the wedding and pictures are finished try to get to the reception hall as soon as you can have time to inspect all of the things that are related to your father of the groom speech. This includes where the reception is going to happen, the sound system, and visual aids. You may be able to stop in before the wedding but make sure that you are not late for the wedding. When it is time for the speeches to start make sure that you are listening and not day dreaming. You want to make sure that when it is time for you to make your father of the groom speech that you do not want everyone staring at you waiting for you to stand up and deliver it, nor do you want to be caught taking a drink or with your mouth full.

Tips to help you get over your fear of speaking in public

  • One important thing to remember is that the father of the speech will go over better if you make sure that you are prepared. If you are afraid that you are going to mess up or forget to say something, it is okay to have little cheat cards but just make sure that you do not just read the father of the groom speech. Being prepared will help play a major role in getting rid of the jitters that plague many speakers. Take the time and speak your speech in front of the mirror or in front of your wife. Part of being prepared is making sure that your speech only runs at least five minutes but no longer than ten minutes. After all you are just one of three speeches that will be given on that special day.
  • It is traditional for the father of the bride to give a speech first and most of that speech will focus on her so when you do your father of the groom speech you need to make sure that it focuses on your son. You do not want to shut the bride out of your speech completely because that would be not only rude but could give her, her relatives, and her parents the feeling that you do not really want her to be part of the family. Make sure that you welcome her and her family into yours. Include a little anecdote or memory of her and your son that you would like everyone to know. Make sure that it is not something that will embarrass either of them or any of the guests.
  • When it is time to deliver your father of the groom speech you should look around at the guests, especially when you are welcoming and thanking everyone for coming to the wedding. If this is hard go a quick glance, smile, and look around at people you know. Remember, this is your son’s wedding, you know a lot of people there so it should not be that hard to talk in from of them. You talk to them all the time when you get together so this is not really much different. The only people who you do not know are some of the bride’s friends and relatives. So take a deep breath and begin your speech.

Once you start to deliver your father of the groom speech you will find that it is not all that hard to do. You will also realize that while your fear of speaking in public is real you can also get over it with time and effort.

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