Groom’s Father Speech First Reaction

Oh my!  Your son comes home and says, “Dad, I am getting married.”

What is your first reaction?  Many things are going through your head.  You see a tiny little baby boy through the window of the nursery at the hospital, this tiny little boy that you are responsible for.  You are thinking:  “What can I say in my father of the groom speech when his wedding day comes? How can I raise my son to be a great boyfriend, husband and father”? Download 25 Speech Examples for the Father of the Groom Wedding Speeches

Although the father of the groom has no real responsibilities to prepare for the wedding, his wife will have plenty to do.  She must make sure they have the right clothes to wear.  It may take months for her to find the perfect dress.  There are parties to attend and parties to host.  While she is frantically taking her responsibilities seriously, the groom’s father is working out his speech.  He is wondering how much embarrassing information he can reveal about his son without getting in too much trouble.

The groom’s father wedding speech should be filled with upbeat stories and happy thoughts for the young couple. A wedding is a time for happiness.  Help to start it off by reducing some of the tension and stress associated with a wedding.  You can bring some comedy into your father of the groom speech, but you also need to add some serious thoughts but not too serious, as you don’t want to scare anyone.  Remember that this is a joyous occasion.

The bachelor party will be one of the many functions he will be required to attend, of course, he will not object, this might even be fun.  Think of all the things he can walk away with to add to the father of the groom speech.  Then there is the rehearsal dinner, which the groom’s father is supposed to sponsor, so he must have his cash or credit card available.  The rehearsal dinners are quite interesting.  It’s like a getting acquainted party for the two families that are being united.  The groom’s father may give the father of the groom speech at the rehearsal dinner rather than the wedding, which is the way it is traditionally done.

Up until the wedding the groom’s father has very little involvement in the planning, that all comes to a halt, beginning with the rehearsal dinner.  That is when he comes out of hiding and gets busy.  The day of the wedding he needs to kick into gear and co-host along with the bride’s father.  He will have several things to keep him busy, including giving his father of the groom speech.  He must have his dancing shoes on to dance with his wife at the appropriate time.  Sometime during the reception he also must dance with his beautiful daughter-in-law.  She is now the wife of his son and will be the mother of his grandchildren, and he must make a good impression with her. It is very important that the father of the groom speech is of good taste, honouring the young bride and groom as they begin their married life together.  You want them to have a long and prosperous life.

Groom’s Father Responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities of the groom’s father on the day of the wedding:

  • Dance with your wife
  • Dance with your new daughter-in-law
  • Make sure there are plenty drinks
  • Make sure there is plenty food
  • Supporting your son
  • Give an appropriate father of the groom speech
  • Make sure there is no misbehaviour
  • The father of the groom must be a pillar of support for his son
  • Be available for advice
  • Be available for last minute errands
  • Be available for the groom and his part of the wedding party
  • Get to know the bride’s parents

You have made a great father of the groom speech, now you can enjoy the wedding reception with all the good food, drinks and lots of good conversation. It is very important when a young man and a young woman make that commitment to begin a new life together that they know they have the full support of both families.  The groom’s father has given a very good upbeat wedding speech, letting them know how much they mean to him and his wife, and they have their full support.  They need to know they are loved.  As they begin their journey together, they are scared and do not know what lies ahead, and this will give them a head start.

It is a little unsettling for the couple to go down an unknown journey, and it is also a little scary for their parents.  As parents, we want our children to always be happy and have an easy life, but we all know that does not always happen.  It will be a rocky path.  We want to at least start them out with a smooth ride.  The father of the groom speech is a great opportunity to let them know there will be trials and tribulations, but with a strong love for each other they will be okay.  They will survive, and they will also make it over the humps.

The father and mother of the bride and the father and mother of the groom have been pillars of support for the bride and groom. You have sent them off on a long and happy journey through life together, now you can sit back and relax and wait for all those wonderful grandchildren they are going to give you.  You do know that children are the parent’s revenge. There is nothing more wonderful than grandchildren, they are a joy and a comfort, so enjoy each and every moment with them.  Lean on those wonderful memories from the first time you saw that little tiny baby in the nursery window, till the time he walks down the aisle to wait for his beautiful bride,  till the time he becomes a father himself.

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