Tips for Your Father of the Groom Speech

The father of the groom speech is a very special speech made by a father in the auspicious occasion of his son’s wedding. It is an emotional occasion for the groom’s father as he is about to have a new member in his family, a new daughter in the form of his son’s wife. In this special occasion, the father has to say a few words which should be very delightful and should cover every aspect of his life with his son, expectations, aspirations and desires. The father should treat his son’s wife as his own daughter. Her angelic qualities and etiquettes make her more than special. The wedding speech should not be too lengthy and out of topic but should be crisp and sharp. Words are sharper than swords as they say, and The groom’s father speech should be appealing to the audience and the experience that the father of the groom has should be put in preparing in it. Click Here for More Examples of Father of the Groom Speeches

A new daughter, a new family member arrives following the wedding. Welcoming her with a big heart and keeping her safe and secure for the rest of the life should be the father of the groom’s aim.

In a family, a father is considered to be the head of a body and the rest of them are body parts. Playing a responsible role for his new daughter and abiding by his duties will earn him tremendous respect and reputation. To keep this respect going on forever and ever, the father of the groom has to make the most memorable and influential speech so that it becomes etched into the memories of his family, friends, co-workers and other invitees.

wedding toastThere is no harm in making the speech humorous as laughter is the best medicine, but it should convey some moral value or a lesson that the father of the groom has learnt in his long life. Accepting his new daughter truly and sincerely signifies that the father of the groom is nothing more than a true gentleman. Receiving a standing ovation for The father of the groom speech is one of the greatest rewards a man can receive in his life.

The wedding toast must contain some of his greatest moments with his son including those silly fights, dances, baseball games so forth and so on.

Planning ahead of the speech is a very important and a tedious task. Everyone wants his son’s wedding toast to be special and unique and to make that, a lot of planning and practice is required. Even if you are a confident public speaker, sometimes unplanned speeches can lead to disasters.

A great way to start a groom’s father speech would be to start introducing the audience with yourself, your family and then the couple, your son and his wife. The father should say how proud he is of his new daughter and should praise her. If you do not have any idea of what to say, ask someone who has recently done this and has a bit of experience in this special sphere. Ask for support from people when you are saying the speech and interact with them.

In auspicious occasions like this people love to be involved. Structure your speech and see that it does not have any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes won’t matter though. After you have written the speech go through it a several times and see if you have any changes to make but do not remove what you think can be hilarious or even if you have chalked down an embarrassing incident in which you and your son were a part of, let it be there, let people enjoy it because these moments are golden and once gone they never come back.

After thorough revision, practice saying the speech without applying expressions. After a bit of mastery over the speech try to induce some expressions, or even question tags like “Nice, right?” Prepare gestures, which you can use upon the audience but do not humiliate and insult anyone during the special moment because this is not the time to take revenge upon your old fellows. Practice the speech with anything that resembles a microphone like a remote control of a television set or a gaming console.

After rehearsing alone and perfecting your way of speaking and tone, try it out in front of your wife or sister but not in front of your son or his fiance. Keep it as a surprise for them and gift them your love with your father of the groom speech. With so many thoughts running in your racing mind, it can be difficult to put the correct words in the appropriate places, if you do not want this to happen practice your speech again and again. Do not take the speech lightly as this is a very responsible task for the father of the groom to make a very good speech. It can happen that you are about to surprise everyone with the speech and you get yourself surprised that you have forgotten your own words. Do not let this happen, be responsible and practice the speech all the time!

Put away all hard feelings and grudges, when you are to accept your new daughter and never let her feel as if she is an outsider. Involve her in every family matter and share with her everything that you shared with your daughter or wanted to share if you only have a son. Make sure that you thank each and every one present at your son’s wedding for their presence, and thank them because they were able to make it special and wonderful. Defend your son’s wife if you think anyone is falsely accusing her of doing something wrong. This will help her to understand you better and to make her forget the absence of her real father.

The father of the groom speech should be the best from you so as to make people understand the effort and hard work you have put in preparing it. Make sure you end it with a toast and leave each person’s eyes moist with tears of joy and happiness.

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