Trends to Follow for the Father of the Groom Speech

In 2015, there have been a lot of changes in trends. The situation is almost the same for weddings in general and speeches too, but still some of the new trends we have are just renewed old trends or old trends implemented again, from those that once went off. Before you really know how you handle your father of the groom speech, you also need to know what trends to follow!

Wedding pictures

father of the groom speech

Now, wedding pictures and having a photo album have always been hot topics. Regardless of location or style of wedding, every couple wanted their pictures with their personal touch. This has all remained in 2015, and will remain in years to follow. Still, there have been slight changes! Click HERE For 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

First off, there are no more limitations as to locations. Maybe a few years ago, we could only have certain location for the wedding pictures. Opposed to that, now there are many couples who want to embark on a new adventure, looking forward to experiment something new, something that they think no other couple has made, or alternatively, few couples made it only. While it may sound weird, but if you have just one sentence, a short thought about the wedding pictures of the newlyweds, your son and your daughter-in-law will both feel honored and much appreciated by you. Even if you would’ve taken other pictures in other locations, since the trends are now to be moving and thinking out of the box, you can understand and show your approval too.

Secondly, there are also some people who love to share the pictures of the wedding day (the guests, dancing, whatnot) on the same day by showing a presentation projected on the wall! This idea can’t be assigned as solely a “2015 idea”, but it definitely isn’t too widely spread yet. While some people do it, others don’t even have the thought of it. If this is the case, you can also say something like “you both looked so great on the highlights of today’s pictures, I am just so proud to have a son and new daughter who are so full of love and make the best couple”. I am not saying this exact formulation should be used, but you know what I mean and what idea I want to share.

Helper before the wedding

Be the perfect helper for the couple before they have their wedding! The new trend is that decorations are multiple, styles you probably never used for your own wedding. For example, you can have a setup with retro lights, which not only decorate the area, but also provide enough light. So, as an experienced person, you might consult with the couple and tell your son and bride-to-be that you have some ideas. Of course, you need their approval for everything, especially decorations, because you can’t just go out there on your own and pick something you assume to be good. There have been cases of conflicts based on assumptions – beware and don’t repeat other people’s silly actions.

While you help the couple, you will also get the chance to connect with them, to invite them spontaneously to have a coffee, and to get to know more about how they feel towards each other, what their plans are, what they expect, how they’d like the honeymoon and many other details too. By that, you will have saved time for something that otherwise could’ve required endless efforts. You see, many father of the groom speeches are failed because there is lack of information. Fathers don’t know enough about their sons, and they also barely have a clue about the bride. As a consequence, they can’t express quality thoughts. Download MORE Speeches

By being there at the right time, you can also make some notes or keep in mind the most important things. Since most of the wedding speech, the heart of it, is about the couple and their plans, with such a strategically good attitude, which is also social will be the best thing to get your speech text. You know, we many times have the best ideas about writing speeches but the sole problem is that we need to write them down! In other words, when we finally get there, we feel lost.

To not allow any confusion, that’s exactly why you should take notes and edit some bits of your speech even from the early stages of helping 20 minutes or half-day or so. These small pieces of puzzle finally will add up to constructing the father of the groom wedding speech.

Also, another very important thing is that you will make the couple feel differently about you. they will start seeing you as a good parent, as someone who they can trust, as a friend and generally as a person who they’d visit anytime, even after they are wedded and started their lives miles away, cities away, states away or even countries away. There’s never a formula for distance between parents and their married children, so you need to build relationships in time. Being there, discussing problems, solving problems and all that – it’s what creates the circumstances to strengthen the unity between you and them!

The modern day’s modern dad

People don’t always enjoy old fashioned things. There are a few exceptions, like having a retro car, a retro music album, some object that was used a century ago but is reconditioned. Hobbies are something different. Still, for your son’s wedding, there won’t be any guests who have the hobby of enjoying the old fashioned dad. That will never happen! The world has moved on, and many things have changed. If you do your hair like Elvis Presley, or if you speak like your grandpa, then it’s maybe time to have a new approach.

Now, seriously, people would love to have a modern dad in behavior, costume, shoes, hairstyle and speaking too. Beware of a trap, which is exaggerating with the modern expressions used by young people. Do notice that people who use these “modern” expressions don’t exaggerate with them, or the coolest of them don’t need to repeat the expressions 10 times to make a point. So, be natural.

Choosing a good costume with the right pair of shoes is very important. Choose a store where they have new clothes, latest fashion, and clothes look decent, not like the cheapest costumes in the world. So, once you found some stores like that you can look around and ask for something stylish, modern, trendy and suitable for your age. Trust me: they will find something for you, and you will most probably like it! Remember: the first suit doesn’t have to be the final one, so you can make your choice after seeing and trying five or more of them. The number is up to you, it’s your time allocated for this after all.

Also, try to become more familiar with today’s gadgets, and expressions you didn’t have when you were a child. You can easily learn them from your son, or from younger co-workers if that’s the case. If not, there’s YouTube and various other sources of inspiration for you.Once you are a bit more familiar and master some modern expressions, try speaking with them, but using it all normally. Never force using expressions, because you might look stupid if you do that.

Know the time – fast food, fast father of groom speech!

In 2015, time has changed. People now don’t like to wait anymore and they hate wasting time if they feel like it’s nonsense. So, what you can do is shorten your speech so that everyone can enjoy listening to it! Instead of speaking for six or ten minutes, try speaking for only three minutes! Most guests might simply enjoy it so much that they would be asking themselves “why is he over with it so soon”? Still, if you hear such a question, don’t assume that you should continue. If the guests asked this question, it means it’s enough, you have captured their attention, they loved it and you don’t need to add anything to the speech after.

Some people dare to bring it to minimum as well. Heard about 90-second speeches? Or ever heard two-minute father of the groom speeches? Yes, both of these can be tremendously successful, especially if you know how to speak and what to say. In a short speech, everything is much emphasized and to the point. You won’t hear pointless ideas or long stories in these short versions of wedding speeches. This is exactly what makes the very short speeches approachable. Guests don’t have the time to feel bored, they don’t have the chance to criticize and every bit of information is there, absolutely nothing is missing. So, if you also decide that you want a very short speech for your son’s wedding, then you need to keep things short and to the point, from the first sentence to the last!

After all, one of the key points is to have the right timing, so that guests can love what they heard! Have any thoughts? Maybe new ideas?

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