Inspiration for Your Father of the Groom Wedding Speech

wedding toastIt still surprises you to think of the fact that your son has now grown so big and you are about to give away the father of the groom speech. The intense love and fond memories that you two have shared so long still dwindles in your heart. Being a father and providing to the needs of your son has been a difficult journey for sure. Usually, it is a tradition in Christian wedding that after the exchange of vows, the father of the bride delivers a speech followed by the groom’s father speech. The father of the bride speech comments on the memories of a father with her little girl and the thought of letting her move out is difficult to swallow but the happiness covers up the pain. On the other hand, a¬†father of the groom wedding speech enlists how a father has spent his life helping his son make right decisions, how he had fun time with him, and now seeing him grown up and taken on his responsibilities as a Man. Click Here for Wedding Speech Examples

The tradition of giving the groom’s father speech exists primarily in Australia, Ireland, The United Kingdom and many more. It is not restricted though. Delivering the speech can be nerve wrecking and tension inclined. But with ample amount of practice and a boost of confidence sprinkled with lots of love, it can blossom into a moving and inspiring father of the groom speech. The speech should in general be welcoming, congratulating, inspirational as well as motivational, protective and it should assure full support and co-operation of the family with the newly married couple. More

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